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Beitrag31.03.2011 um 05:33 (UTC)    
Titel: how to print a logo on letter head from this logo maker?

It is my first time to open a small company, so I pay much attention to every aspect, company name, design, style, staff, now I am building a website, at first, I need to purchase a logo maker, I choose sothink logo maker, because it is so cheap compare to other logo maker, what is more, it looks so high level, well , all work is ok, but I do not know how to print a logo on letter head from this logo maker? Does anyone can help me? It is the tools site , many many thx. Shocked
Beitrag31.03.2011 um 07:19 (UTC)    

save the logo as a picture. than open a blank sheet of paper and paste it.

its cheaper, when you go after (if its successful), in the next copystore and copy this dokument a few times..

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