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Titel: The game Gloriosu Saga Exposure Summary of New Content.

Includes career changes, new Azerite Glorious Saga traits, new professional formulas, a copy of Gnomeregan pet battles, and more. The development team learned something from the current Azerite trait. The current version is only the most basic form. The new version will increase the complexity of the system and add new features.
This change in Glorious Saga will help you feel better at the initial spell cast on monsters, bosses, enemy players, or any target. You can cast a lava burst before the battle, and then cast a Flame Shock, so that the lava burst can still gain critical strike gains.A level 15 talent element impact always produces another secondary attribute gain effect when the element is overloaded.The level 30 talent element master will now also add bonuses to physical damage spells, which increases the damage of the Earthquake.
In addition to the existing effects, the level 100 talent storm guardian now increases the damage of the next two lightning bolts by 250%. This damage bonus also acts on the lightning bolt of the element overload.Changes to the Element Guru and Storm Guardian help to maintain a balance between single target damage and group damage in the talent level. The Element Guru now affects your next Earthquake, making it more competitive when you need group damage, while the Storm Guardian provides two powerful Lightning Bolts that also trigger element overload on a single target.The level 15 talent element is removed and the level 90 talent of the land rage will replace this position.
In this expansion to observe the overall changes of the elemental shaman, we believe that some passive talent choices are not good enough and have nothing to do with the way you play the game. We've added some experimental new talents to give you more options on how to choose some skills. Please note that in these two new talents and all other changes planned, it is possible to complete the modification in the PTR test cycle of 8.1.
The 16th server of Glorious Saga will be released on Nov 8th 3:00 (UTC - 05:00), 2018 along with the various super value events. We are here to welcome you to enter this amazing Glorious Saga world.
If you are interested in Glorious Saga H5, you can click the links to play with your partner with your PC or mobile, and NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD.
PC site:
Mobile site:
Facebook site:[/i]
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welcome to the "homepage-baukasten"-forum. I think you can see, that we do not write english. We are a german forum. So everybody can understand the other. We are not a english forum, so I wish, that you can write in your language, or you use the english version of the homepage-baukasten.

To your topic: You only copy a text from a other page. You do not have any text on your website.
So your post here is only trash. In this forum, you should write only about topic, which are interesting.

Greetings from bavaria,

the very bad english-speaker Loisi Smile
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