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Beitrag05.02.2009 um 11:36 (UTC)    
Titel: Comment Extras

Dear concerned,

I don't read comments due to post comments my site. Because this comment become unfinished java code. So what I can read what I can delete it.

Comments are below:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> //This Script is Copyright;© 2008 //If you are going to use this code, you MUST leave these //lines of script UNEDITED! var shant="http://" do

Can you help me please? Can you delete the comments from the database?

Best Regards.
Beitrag05.02.2009 um 11:42 (UTC)    

Dear User

I am very sorry to let you know that we are neither able to delete anything from the database nor to help you in any case with this matter. Please send an email to

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